Special requirements

Custom Embroidered Work Wear & Clothing

We take very great care to ensure that it looks the best that it can. Your logo projects your corporate image.

How to confirm the cost of printing

The majority of our enquiries are for printing onto high vis garments and overalls but we can print almost anything that can be worn above the waist!

The easiest way for us to calculate your price is for you to forward an uploaded image of your artwork/logo in a jpeg or Pdf format, tell us what the product is and how many you require and we will then send you a quotation, usually within 24 hours.

Send the email to: [email protected]

A few things to consider when you are looking at minimising your costs for printing.

  1. The larger the number of garments the less expensive it will be.
  2. The fewer the colours you require, the less expensive it will be.
  3. The larger your design, the more expensive it will be.

For a guide on delivery (dependent upon time of year etc)

Single numbers of garments that require a black (usually text only) print can usually be delivered within 5 working days.

Multi colour or high volume prints can take up to two weeks.We can supply prints that are for a normal 40 degree domestic wash, a 60 degree wash for the grubbier ones amongst you, or an industrial laundry standard print.

For our corporate customers that require supplies of printed garments throughout the year we will retain in stock a quantity of heat transfer prints with your design that can be printed and supplied within 24 / 48 hours.

If you are happy with our quote and wish to place your order you will be contacted in order to arrange payment. We can do this using all major credit cards over the telephone, or alternatively we can issue a pro-forma invoice, which can be settled by either cheque or a bacs payment.

How to confirm the cost of embroidery.

Pretty much the same as the printing and the guidance on pricing is also the same except for the fact that we have to do a technical bit called digitising your image.

This sounds painful but it is the conversion from your image into one that an embroidery machine can understand. To do this we use the expert services of a lady called Kerry who, frankly, is a whizz at this sort of stuff. To find someone who can turn your corporate logo into an object of desire is not easy so we have to pay her.

This is a one-off charge – never to be repeated. You can then embroider as many thousand garments as you want without incurring this charge again.

To give you a very rough guide on the costs involved: For a simple one colour logo on the chest the digitising would be approximately £25 and the individual embroidery £0.30.

For a really complicated embroidery such as a Royal Navy Ships crest with a crown the digitising is more like £90.00 with an individual embroidery cost of around £2.00.

This is a guide only so please send your image for an accurate quotation.