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Exploring The Carhartt Range At Granite Workwear

17 March 2023
Carhartt is a well-known brand in the workwear industry, and Granite Workwear is proud to stock a range of Carhartt products for its customers. Carhartt has been producing high-quality workwear...
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Fristads Huge Discounts Up To 75% Off!

06 March 2023
Looking for quality workwear that won't break the bank? Look no further than our 75% off sale on Fristads workwear! We're not usually one for promotions and discounts here at Granite, as...
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The Benefits of Hi-Vis Workwear

13 February 2023
High visibility (Hi-Vis) workwear is clothing designed to make the wearer highly visible in work environments, particularly in low light or nighttime conditions. This workwear is often made from...
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Free Pulsarail High Vis Sleeves

03 February 2023
The Pulsarail PR497 High Vis 7-In-1 Storm Coat and the Pulsarail PR498 High Vis Body Warmer are must-have items for anyone who works in challenging weather conditions. These products are...
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Stand Out With The Fristads Fusion Workwear Range

20 January 2023
Fristads Fusion Workwear is a line of high-quality workwear designed for professionals in various industries. The Fusion Workwear line, available at Granite Workwear, is known for its...
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Why Winter Workwear Is Important

13 January 2023
Winter is here, and with it comes the need for warm and durable workwear. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry that requires you to work outdoors, having the...
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The Benefits of Thermal Workwear In Winter

12 December 2022
Thermal workwear is a type of clothing that is specifically designed to provide warmth and protection to workers in cold environments. There are many benefits to wearing thermal workwear,...
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Top 3 Winter Warmers From Granite Workwear

25 November 2022
Winter is right around the corner, and we’re sure you’ve started to feel the wintery chill in the air.So to keep our customers warm over the winter, we thought we’d give you our top 3 recommendations...
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Best Work Trousers At Granite

18 November 2022
As a manual worker, relying on a good pair of work trousers is a must and high on the priority list!We know the importance of workwear, especially work trousers. And with Christmas coming up, it...
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Brand Spotlight: Leo Workwear

11 November 2022
For 35 years, Leo Workwear has made and designed hi-vis clothing. As a result, they have a vast wealth of relevant knowledge and experience to draw upon when it comes to developing new...
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Just Launched! Blaklader Craftsman Workwear Trousers Special Offer!

07 October 2022
Generally, as many of our customers know, we’re not one to run promotions and discounts on any of our products. We believe that the price you pay for all our products reflects the quality of what you...
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Let’s Get Real - National Recycling Week 19th - 25th September

16 September 2022
As part of our environmental and sustainable efforts we’re getting involved in the National Recycling Week.This year will mark it’s 19th year since launching and it’s fully dedicated to raising...
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