Custom Workwear

At Granite we have over 30 years experience in off shore clothing manufacture. Our high quality work wear and corporate wear is manufactured not only for ourselves but for several other high profile brands and distributors.

We have first class quality auditors and merchandisers that oversee production from fabric to the finished product. Our associate offices are in:

  • Turkey
  • China
  • Indonesia

Our ethical policies ensure that all of the factories that we use are at least of the WRAP standard and comply with Oekotex certification regarding the production of textiles. We audit all of the factories used on an annual basis not just for our own peace of mind but to ensure that our own standards are rigorously maintained. As our manufacturing company is certified ISO9001 we do not cut corners. Not just because it’s bad practice but because it would only end in tears.

We have worked with most of these factories for over 10 years and visit them regularly to maintain a solid working understanding of what we strive to achieve.

You may think of your own business as too small to have your own custom made uniform – you may be right! If your business has a staffing level of less than 100 personnel then the best route is to look at our website for products that we can print and embroider for you – we take our customers brand and presentation very seriously – it is your identity. To that end we would recommend suitable durable products that will maintain their appearance for the longest possible period. This is by far the most cost effective way to proceed. If not you tend to buy cheap but buy a lot!


However, if you have over 100 staff it may well benefit you to look at what might be available. In general the minimums are governed by the minimum dye quantity of fabric that we can produce in a consistent quality. As a very rough guide.


If it is knitted (polo / sweat shirts etc) then the minimums are around 500 pieces.


If it is woven then this may rise to 1,000 pieces but it all depends upon the fabrics used. We have made as few as 500 shirts / blouses – do ask – we can only say no if it is not possible.

Do beware of factories offering bespoke clothing in small volumes. A great idea but you tend to have to take fabrics that are already dyed up – from stock. In our experience it is always best to manufacture from scratch so that we can select the yarns, composition and finish best suited to your needs.

Lead times from the initial enquiry to delivery could be as short as 3 months or as long as 6 months – again dependent on product and where we deem it the most cost effective location to be manufactured.

Whatever you need do not be embarrassed to ask – you will be surprised exactly what we do make. From industrial launder quality overalls that do not lose their colour – even if you soak them in bleach – to non-tear knee-pads, branded belts and covert phone holders: shirts and blouses on a biblical scale to 500 pieces of specialist high wicking T-shirts.

We look forward to hearing from you.