Covid 19 Statement.

Now that the general anxiety and panic period comes to an end and things have started to get serious we just wanted to say ‘Stay Safe’ and look after yourselves and your loved ones.

Being a small and perfectly formed family owned PPE & workwear business, remotely situated and with oodles of stock we are committed (as usual) to offering the best service that we can over the coming months.

The virus has caused all sorts of knock-on delays to the supply chain which we have, so far, largely overcome.

Still in stock on some critical items when the big fellas have run out. The next few weeks are going to be challenging and we foresee shortages on disposable face masks until around late May – we are however, trying to force an earlier date.

We do have some more comprehensive options available in the shape of Filterspec sets but maybe only a 10 day stock left.

Some disposable overalls are still available but we estimate these to be used up by end Marchas the demand heightens. We may have to start rationing these to regular customers.

The supply of pretty much all other PPE and workwear is still OK although China has lost about 10% of its production capacity this year in factory closures alone so all we ask of our regular customers is that any orders are not left unplaced for too long. Plan ahead and don’t be disappointed. We have added further print / embroidery capacity within the business to cope with the rate of growth that we have experienced over the last six months.

Early April we should be supplying surgical grade hand cleanser as we have had several large customers struggle to obtain this from their regular suppliers. Please do not ‘overbuy’ (Not a statement that I would have thought to say in the past – but these are caring times)!

We are also flying in large quantities 3-ply surgical masks, and FFP2 masks to try and meet a huge demand. If you need any volume quantities of these then please give us a call – sooner rather than later!

Lastly, our wish is that we see you all safe and well and forging ahead in late summer as we put this all behind us and learn from the experience. For now, please stay safe and help protect the vulnerable.

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