Delta Plus Pit-Stop Active Ear Defenders

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  • SNR 26dB.
  • Allows communication without removing the ear cups.

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Delta Plus Pit-Stop Active Ear Defenders.

Conforms to EN352-1.
SNR (Standard Noise Reduction) 26dB.
Requires 6 AAA batteries (Not included).

Foldable electronic ear defenders.
LED indication when switched on.
On/off and volume switch on each cup for singular use.

A less expensive version of the Peltor Sportac active shooting ear defenders. Although we would not recommend these for shooting they are an innovative idea for use in several industries such as civil engineering, construction, aviation and many other related occupations.

In the case of sound reaching 80/82 dB the amplification system automatically shuts off and reverts to passive earmuff mode. We have used these whilst knocking in fence posts etc. and they do work well. Communication can be maintained whilst the harmful noise levels are cut out.

The ear cups have synthetic foam pads with a hight adjustable coolmax headband which does add a little extra comfort.
There is an ON/OFF / volume switch on each cup, for individual use, with an LED indication light to show when they are switched on.
Each ear cup has a omni-directional external microphone connected to an internal mini loudspeaker, allowing amplification of voices and alarm signals, and avoiding the risk of isolation whilst busy at work.

Although I am sure that Venitex did not consider this when designing them but they are great for listening in on conversations quite a distance away (after cranking up the volume) without the persons being aware.
However, you may hear something that you might regret!

If you really want to snoop - go for the Peltor Sportac. They are so sensitive you could hear a Libyan camel belch.

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