Arctic Sport Muck Boots with a Boot Bag worth £ 20.34

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  • Rated to - 47 degrees C.
  • The optimum cold weather boot.
  • Additional Thermofoam around the leg.
  • With a WELLINGTON BOOT BAG worth £20.34!

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Arctic Sport Muck Boots. With a WELLINGTON BOOT BAG worth £20.34!

Fantastic to throw in the back of the car and keep everything clean. Waterproof fabric and vented.

Comfort range (Centigrade): -47 to +15.

Dual-density oil-resistant rubber sole for superb insulation, shock absorption and comfort.

The tread pattern is excellent for heavy / muddy ground. Also, as they fit snugly around the foot, they do not get left behind in the mud so easily whilst you are teetering on one leg.

Full Neoprene insulation.
Tough and lightweight.
Resistant to fertilisers, insecticides, manure and cleansers.
These Arctic Sport Muck boots. Once you have tried them you will not want to take them off! Just look at some of the reviews on the web.
The Arctic Sport Muck Boots have replaced the old Tay Sport that have sold so well for us over the last few years.

5mm CR flex-foam bootie with a 4 way stretch nylon.
The extra insulation includes a fleece covered Airmesh inner liner and a 2mm layer of Thermofoam above the foot-bed for additional insulation.
It may not sound like much but it makes a serious difference if you are out in the snow and ice for long periods.

100% Waterproof.

Ideal for walking on rough terrain.
The sole pattern helps shed the mud.

Double reinforcement on the instep, heel and achilles areas.

The Arctic Sport Muck Boots will stretch to fit half sizes. There is a 15mm toe allowance built into the sizing.
They are made to standard widths, but the materials will stretch comfortably to fit widths up to a EEEE. For narrow feet, we suggest wearing a thicker sock or putting in an additional sock-liner.
The upper calf area is made of soft, flexible CR-foam and will stretch-fit virtually any calf girth. With the flexible upper, the trouser leg can be worn over or inside the boot. The collar material can be turned down to allow hands-free removal and vent humidity in warmer working conditions.
Thick socks are not necessary unless you are planning on an arctic trek. The upper will stretch to accommodate thicker socks. Medium-weight athletic socks should provide the best fit.
From a personal view-point, I have worn the old Tay Sports at a constant minus 10 degrees on snow and ice for a day with regular shoe socks. I have also worn them with the same socks (washed in between wears) in a 20 degree C summer. They were surprisingly as comfortable on both occasions.
The CR-foam used in Arctic Sport Muck Boots is both waterproof and insulating. The materials exceed the long-term effectiveness of waterproof membrane materials and provide excellent insulating properties.
Airmesh lining used in all of the Muck Boot range is made up of thousands of tiny vertical fibers that allow air to circulate throughout the interior surfaces. Perspiration that might build up in the boot is quickly wicked away. This creates a comfortable environment that lasts for long periods.
The rubber shell and nylon upper are very durable and clean up easily with a spray of water or gentle scrubbing with soap and water. The rubber upper can be conditioned with wax polish or liquid detergent.
If you catch the neoprene outer on a thorn or nail – our own recommendation is to use a superglue. This has worked fine for us on several occasions. I suspect that Muck Boots have a recommended brand of glue but we like to take the simple approach. Just don’t get your fingers stuck to the boots!

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Most comfortable wellington ever
I've had my tay sports for a few weeks now and am very impressed. The insulation is excellent and the breathable liner does a great job of stopping your feet getting to hot or sweaty. They come a bit further up the leg than any other wellington i've had, which is welcome when walking in long wet grass. They are quite light and flexible and the collar around the top is good at stopping the boots banging on your legs when walking. The only gripe i have with these boots so far is the soles. They are excellent in the mud and on grass wet or dry but on wet concrete or tarmac they are quite slippy but i know to watch out for it now but the boots are so good in all other respects this will not put me off. Granite work wear were very helpful, after I initially ordered the wrong boots they sorted out my mistake very promptly and delivery was also speedy.
Stars: 4 / 5
Chris Balmer
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