Bolle Welding Helmet B800F-Discountinued

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  • Suitable for MIG, MAG and TIG 20A
  • Conforms to EN175 and EN379
  • DIN 3 Clear DIN 11 Darkened
  • Reaction time 0.25 ms
  • Power supply solar energy

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Bolle B800F Welding Helmet.

Conforms EN175 and EN379

Suitable for MIG MAG and TIG.20A

Exceptional price to clear last two masks.

Fixed Tint.

Field of vision 96x40 mm.
Lens size: 110x90 mm.

Lens thickness: 8 mmField of vision: 96x40 mm.

2 independent photoelectric detectors.

Power supply: solar energy.

Clear state: level DIN 3.

Darkened state: level DIN 11.
Reaction time: 0.25 ms.

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